Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pork Filettino

    Today I'm sharing my slight adaptaton of one of Olive Garden's main dish recipes....Pork Filettino.  The pork is juicy and tender and the veggies are sweet and delicious after being roasted.  If the weather is cooperating, go ahead and grill the pork outside; if not, use a stovetop grill.  It works great!
     This recipe delivers a lot of flavor, without using a ton of ingredients.  And you can have it on the table in an hour.  I added a side of sauteed broccolini with lemon and garlic to round out the meal.....DELICIOUS!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Special Surprise and Mulberry Scones

    Well, I had a nice surprise recently.  The kind of surprise that, well, really surprises you!  You know, the kind that makes you wonder....."Where have I been?"......"How did I not see this coming?" 
    Now that I have your attention......

    It was a surprise that probably wouldn't get most of you all that excited, but it was such a blessing to me!  I've shared some about my Italian grandparents' garden here and how I love fresh figs, etc., but I'm not sure I told you about the mulberry tree that grew right near the back corner of their garage.  As we'd run along the side of the building to a back garden area, there it was, right behind the back left corner....The tree with the beautiful, long-ish berries, in shades of mauve and purple.  They were mild and delicious and something special that gramma and grandpa had in their yard that we didn't.  I've always thought it would be so wonderful to have one in my own yard........just another thing to remind me of my grandparents.