Monday, July 14, 2014

This Italian is "On Hold"!

    Hi there, friends and subscribers!  After my last post, explaining my computer dilemma, this is very disappointing for me.  The bad news....... my computer issues are continuing, with no quick fix in sight. It seems that the laptop I have is just too old to really handle Windows anymore, so we had to install a different operating system.  But the editing program that I use with my camera was not able to be installed either.   The whole set-up for storing and editing pictures is totally different and unfamiliar to me, and just not the easiest to use.  (Remember, I'm not exactly a computer whiz!)  It doesn't seem to have the same features and abilities that my camera's editing program had, which is very disappointing. shorten my long and sad story......."The Italian Next Door" will have to be "on hold" until we can figure something out.  I mean so much on a food blog, right?  And,  I had so many great recipes that I wanted to share with you, but I know you want to see all this delicious food....not just read about it!

    So, for now, I'm just waiting....waiting until I can figure out a way to store and edit my blog pictures sufficiently or, until I can afford a new laptop that can handle everything I need, to do justice to my blog.  Please don't forget about me and please don't deactivate your subscription!  Be patient and hopefully, when the time is right, "The Italian Next Door" will be up and running again.  A chi vuole, non mancano modi.  (Where there's a will, there's a way.)

                                                         Until then.......enjoy your family and friends and eat well!!