Thursday, September 13, 2012

A New Adventure

         Well, I've waited long enough. Time to plunge in and get my feet wet.  Although I follow several other blogs (my "favorites" list is expansive), being an actual blogger myself is totally new to me, as is navigating all the intricacies of the computer.  You see, I am a creative person, not a technical one. So please bear with me as I muddle through learning how to do this.  I'm sure there will be additions, changes, etc. to this site as I figure out how to exist in the blogging world. Consider yourselves warned.  
           But. . . . . my inexperience has not dampened my desire to share with you my love for Italian food, for my Italian heritage, and, really, for all things Italian.  I also just love to cook and bake in general (ok, so I love food and chocolate is my friend) Now that we've established that. . . .I hope you will  join me on this new adventure of mine. I look forward to sharing great recipes with you ( see "About Me" ) as well as family stories and experiences. I hope to post again before too long with my first recipe.  I just have to figure out which one. . . . not an easy task.  Until then. . . . . .  

                                                       A presto !  ( see you soon ! )


  1. Non parlo italiano molto bene sin embargo (spanish) mi piace mangiare a tutti tempo con tutti mia familia. Al Futuro! Giaquinto

  2. Thank you for setting up this blog. I am looking forward to trying some of your famous recipes. YUM!